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Gas Huffer

Gas Huffer was a band from Washington state that played a sort of rockabilly punk, with lyrics both formal and comical, with antic stage presence.

They classified themselves loosely in the Garage punk genre.

The band created comic books with each album (drawn by all four members of the band, including Joe Newton, now deputy art director for Rolling Stone magazine), that contain the lyrics to the songs.

This was done for every album up to "Just Beautiful Music".

They are contemporaries of many, much more famous, Pacific Northwest rock groups.

Gas Huffer played its final show - dubbed "The Last Huffer" - at Seattle's Crocodile Cafe on January 14, 2006.

Opening the show were Girl Trouble from Tacoma, Washington, and Canned Hamm from Vancouver, British Columbia.

At the conclusion of Girl Trouble's set, K.P.

Kendall called Gas Huffer's Tom Price to the stage and presented to him a "Certificate of Achievement".

Prior to Gas Huffer, Tom Price played with The U-Men.

The term "huffer" often refers to a form of substance abuse known as huffing.

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