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VNV Nation Live at New City, Edmonton, September 2007
VNV Nation Live at New City, Edmonton, September 2007

Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Origin Place:England · London

Years Active:1990 - Present

Categories:English Musical Groups · European Music Groups · Futurepop · Music From London

Labels:Anachron · Dependent · Discordia · Energy · Metropolis · Off-Beat · SubSpace · TVT · Wax Trax!

Genres:Electronic Body · Futurepop · Industrial · Trance Music

Current Members:Mark Jackson · Ronan Harris

VNV Nation

VNV Nation are an electronic music band originally from Wexford and London, now based in Hamburg, that combines elements of trance, synthpop and electronic body music, into what they call futurepop.

Earlier works also include some electro-industrial influences.

The members are Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson.

The "VNV" in the name stands for Victory, not Vengeance, in keeping with the group's motto, "One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

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