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Birth Name:Annie Decatur Danielewski

Date of Birth:March 23rd, 1968


Annie Danielewski at EdgeFest in Dayton, Ohio 1996.
Annie Danielewski at EdgeFest in Dayton, Ohio 1996.

Backgrounds:Solo Singer

Origin Place:New York City · United States

Occupations:Musician · Songwriter

Instruments:Guitar · Singer

Years Active:1995 - Present

Categories:American Female Singers · American Singer-Songwriters · Americans Of Polish Descent · Female Rock Singers · Living People · New York Musicians · People From New York City


Annie Decatur Danielewski (born March 23, 1968), professionally known as Poe, is a American singer and songwriter.

She first hit the modern rock charts in the mid-1990s.

Poe is the daughter of Polish film director Tad Danielewski and his wife, Priscilla Machold.

She is also the sister of author Mark Z.


Poe's musical style is an unusual blend of folk, rock, and electronica elements backing intimate lyrical compositions.

Poe is known to have a dating relationship with prized painter, Peter Max, a relationship some say may have been set-up by her management for publicity.

Poe's influential music attracted National Artists Management in Los Angeles, California.

National Artists was part of a American marketing agency that worked with major label artists.

Joel Grossman, L.A.

radio host and producer Mike Quinn, Michael Scurlock, and Debbie Mack ran the company that drove Poe to be one of the most sought after rock females in the 1990s by major record companies.

Poe was signed to Atlantic Records in 1995.

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