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Birth Name:Leo Kottke

Date of Birth:September 11th, 1945

Website: ·

Clearwater Festival 2007
Clearwater Festival 2007

Backgrounds:Solo Singer



Voice Types:Baritone

Years Active:1968 - Present

Categories:1945 Births · American Blues Guitarists · American Folk Guitarists · Fingerstyle Guitarists · Living People · New Age Musicians · People From Athens, Georgia · People From Muskogee, Oklahoma · Slide Guitarists · St. Cloud State University Alumni

Labels:Capitol Records · Oblivion Records · Private Music

Genres:Folk · Roots

Associated Acts:John Fahey · Mike Gordon

Leo Kottke

Leo Kottke (born 11 September 1945, Athens, Georgia, U.S.) is an acoustic guitarist.

He is widely known for his innovative fingerpicking style, which draws on influences from blues, jazz, and folk music, and his syncopated, polyphonic melodies.

Kottke has overcome a series of personal obstacles including partial loss of hearing and a nearly career-ending bout with tendon damage in his hand to emerge as a widely-recognized master of his instrument.

Focusing primarily on instrumental composition and playing, Kottke has sporadically moved in a vocal direction, singing in an unconventional yet expressive baritone famously self-described as sounding like "geese farts on a muggy day".

In concert, Kottke intersperses humorous and often bizarre monologues with vocal and instrumental selections from throughout his career, played solo on his signature 6- and 12-string guitars.

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