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Right Said Fred

Right Said Fred are an English pop band, formed in 1989 by brothers Richard Fairbrass and Fred Fairbrass from East Grinstead, as well as their close friend Mark Hollins.

The group is named after a novelty song of the same name which was a hit for Bernard Cribbins in 1962.

In 1991 released their single, "I'm Too Sexy", which was released by the Gut Reaction firm on an especially-created record label called Tug.

The song, a tongue-in-cheek dance song sung from the point of view of a vain male fashion model, became a huge hit in the United Kingdom, spending six weeks at number two behind Bryan Adams' " I Do It for You".

The song also went to number one on the charts in the United States and went on to become a hit around the world.

The song's instrumental break is based on the chorus of the 1974 instrumental hit "Dance with the Devil" by Cozy Powell which itself is based on "Third Stone from the Sun" by Jimi Hendrix.

Their second single, "Don't Talk Just Kiss", which featured soul diva Jocelyn Brown, was released for the Christmas market and made number three in the UK charts.

In 1992 they released their third single, "Deeply Dippy." Although it was their lowest-selling single to date, it was also up against weaker opposition and therefore became their only UK No.

1 single to date.

The success of the singles resulted in their debut album Up.

In 1993, they released their second album, Sex and Travel, as well as contributing the regular Comic Relief single, "Stick It Out" in February of that year.

Their third album was called Smashing!.

After failing to attract substantial interest in the UK, Right Said Fred went to Germany in order to work with Alex Christensen's U96 and released a single called "You're My Mate" and an album titled Fredhead in 2002, which both became successful in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

"You're My Mate" was also used as the official anthem of the South African national rugby union team in 2002, and remained in the German Top 100 for 23 weeks, while the album Fredhead reached number two.

"You're My Mate" achieved gold status in South Africa and reached the Top 20 in the UK.

The second single, "Mojive," was less successful sales-wise, although it has become a cult record among the three million or so members who attend the MOJIVE dance events after which the song was titled.

"Fredhead" was co-written and produced by Clyde Ward who is a US-based successful producer/songwriter and who was drafted in as a replacement for Rob Manzoli.

The band remains a duo though Clyde Ward is referred to as the third Fred.

The next album, Stand UP, also reached gold status and the single of the same name reached number one in Japan.

The song, written by Clyde Ward and the Fairbrass brothers, has been adopted by sports teams around the world as their main theme.

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