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Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Origin Place:England · London

Years Active:1979 - 1991 · 2005 - Present

Categories:1980S Music Groups · British New Wave Music Groups · New Wave Groups · Wang Chung

Labels:Arista Records · Geffen Records

Genres:New Wave · Pop Rock

Aliases:Huang Chung

Current Members:Jack Hues

Wang Chung

Wang Chung are a British New Wave musical group.

The group found their greatest success in the United States with five Top 40 hits including the 1986 #2 hit "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" and their only UK hit, "Dance Hall Days".

Altogether they put out 5 albums in the 80's.

Self-titled album "Huang Chung", "Points on the Curve", the soundtrack to "To Live And Die In L.A.", "Mosaic", and 'The Warmer Side Of Cool" (1989).

There has been news of a new Wang Chung album in the works for the last few years.

No videos yet.

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