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Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Years Active:1978 - 1981 · 1986 - 1987 · 1991 - Present

Categories:American Rock Music Groups · New Wave Groups

Labels:Capitol Records

Genres:Power Pop · Rock

Current Members:Berton Averre · Doug Fieger

Past Members:Bruce Gary

The Knack

The Knack are a Los Angeles-based rock band that rose to fame with their first single, "My Sharona", an international hit in 1979 (see 1979 in music).

The power pop of "My Sharona", coupled with the band's "retro" 1970s new wave look, earned the band comparisons to the early Beatles.

Many music critics of the era disliked disco, which dominated the music industry at the time, and were, at best, coolly receptive to other developing genres like punk rock, new wave and heavy metal music.

The Knack's power pop and hard rock influences earned them some critical credibility.

They were also vilified by some critics for their misogynistic lyrics.

After subsequent albums, there was a critical backlash against the band and they broke up amidst internal squabbles.

They have re-united periodically over the years and in 2001 put out a studio album Normal As The Next Guy and a live DVD Live From The Rock N'Roll Funhouse.

The Knack are still active and playing at various venues.

No videos yet.

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