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Spacetime Continuum

Jonah Sharp alias Spacetime Continuum is a producer of electronic music.

After starting his musical career as a jazz drummer in London, UK, he moved to San Francisco, USA.

During the 1990s Sharp released a series of albums on the Astralwerks record label.

The first of these, entitled Alien Dreamtime, featured a live recording of ethnobotanist, writer and psychedelic researcher Terence McKenna delivering a series of lectures to the accompaniment of Spacetime Continuum music.

Sharp's subsequent albums combined experimental electronic music with subtle jazz elements and elaborate rhythm structures.

His work has had a clear influence on contemporary psybient atists, such as Shpongle and others.

Jonah Sharp has also released collaborations with Tetsu Inoue, Bill Laswell, Mixmaster Morris, Pete Namlook, David Moufang, and Plaid.

He has remixed songs from Nine Inch Nails, Meat Beat Manifesto, Ponga, Teknostep, Susumu Yokota, and Matt Herbert.

He has produced songs for Ursula Rucker and Paradise Boys.

In addition to music production and remixing, he is a DJ.

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